Jane Swearingin—Creative Problem Solver

I could tell you how great I am but it’s more believable and powerful to hear that from someone I’ve worked with. Below are a few recommendations I’ve received from past coworkers:

Banyan Communications

Al Admire, VP/Creative Director

Jane is a truly amazing Art Director, organizational guru, and overall nice person. I’ve never heard her say the words “I can’t” or “I won’t” – and she’s always the first on the team to look for a better, cheaper, faster way to get things done. She always looks ahead – not behind – and consistently challenges others to do so as well. She’s a joy to work with!

Sarah Shay, Production Manager/Project Manager

Jane has exceptional communication and organizational skills. She exceeded project expectations and always met her deadlines. She is an outstanding team leader who inspires creativity and promotes team morale. Jane provided great mentorship and has excellent interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Jane Swearingin for any endeavor she pursues. She is fantastic!


Y&R Chicago

Chris Jansma, Creative Director

I first worked with Jane at Arc Worldwide in Chicago. There she proved herself a solid creative who understood the digital space, creative strategy, and client expectations. She showed a great sense of taste and a great eye for design.

In February of 2010, I took a position as an Associate Creative Director at Y&R Chicago. When an opportunity to hire an Art Director came up, Jane was the first person I thought of.  At Y&R she proved me right on all accounts, plus impressed me with her hard work ethic – sometimes putting in 80 hours a week. She grew in her understanding of all media channels, from print and OOH to broadcast. And she fit in well with the culture of friendly, enthusiastic collaboration.

She’s a great Art Director. You’d be lucky to have her.

Arc WorldWide Chicago

Greg Rolnick, Creative Director

I had the pleasure of working with Jane [Swearingin] at Arc Worldwide on the Purina account. Jane is a talented and creative Art Director, who brings great enthusiasm and a keen eye for design to her work. She also has a strong working knowledge of digital marketing/advertising, and how to best integrate work across multiple channels. Additionally, in this business, we all know that the hours are often long and the clients can be difficult, so having someone with a sense of humor is a bonus. Jane’s got that, too.

The best thing I can tell you about Jane is that she sees each assignment as a challenge – a creative problem to be solved – and takes a great deal of pride in working hard to deliver the best solution possible. That’s the kind of person you want to work with.


DDB Chicago

Dick Tracy, VP/Creative Director

I have been in the marketing business for over twenty-five years. My position as a VP/Creative Director at DDB Chicago required me to identify great talent, big ideas, and guide copywriters and art directors in meeting agency and client objectives. I’ve lead teams with various levels of experience and would put Jane at the top of the list of people I wish I could clone.

Jane is an upbeat creative professional with an eye for detail and a passion to excel. She falls under the category I call silent-but-deadly: She listened carefully in briefings, asked smart questions and then boom, she came back with ideas that made you say, “Where did THAT come from?” (but in a good way).

Unlike other groups at DDB, our digital team was responsible for not only landing new digital clients and assignments, but with augmenting other DDB creative groups’ work with our knowledge and digital ideas. This required Jane to work with writers and art directors with much more marketing experience, gain their trust quickly, and explain the hows and whys of this new media. She always gained their trust and respect – not an easy task in this ego driven environment.

Also, Jane has an infectious smile and personality that is disarming in client presentations. After only eight months on-the-job, I “tossed” Jane into a client presentation, a tough one, just to see how she would do, and to see how the client would respond to her. She went in well rehearsed and had the client smiling at “good morning.” She also sold the work!

Her art direction is contemporary without being too trendy. Her creative insights are based on human truths and always on strategy, and her upbeat personality is infectious.

I recommend this genuinely talented young woman whom I feel is growing into a first-rate digital creative marketer.

Susan Pranica, Art Director/Creative Director

Jane is one of those rare young people with a fantastic work ethic. She’s an incredibly talented art director, idea person, and surprisingly damn good writer. She has a heart of gold and I consider myself very lucky to have had her on my team, working day and night whenever needed, never letting up. And the bonus is, she’s a funny, happy, positive, spirited person to be around.

Tim Paradise, Creative

Jane is a huge asset to our creative group and agency. She not only has amazing creativity, but also employs a strong consistent work ethic. She is super friendly, a great team player, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Jane.


Orion’s Mind

Chad Hendricks, Graphic Designer

Jane is an upbeat creative professional with an eye for detail and a passion to excel. She offers fresh perspective to the dull and mundane, original flare to the already exceptional idea, and a sense of humor that lightens your day. She deserves 4 stars, highly recommended.