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Offline Banners

Category : Art, Blog, Decor October 29, 2014

Lauren & Jared BannerI was one of several crafty girls involved in the decorating process for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower in August. Happy to help and eager to please, I jumped at the email request for someone to create a banner for the event. I channeled my inner-Pinteresty-self and headed to Michael’s to get some material, stencils, and fabric paint. After a few quick test runs, I was able to put together what I consider an Etsy-worthy banner! Not bad for my first attempt. Feel free to send over any orders 🙂

Inaugural Blog Post

Category : Art, Blog October 2, 2014

charcoal hottieAnd so it begins! This website is a place for me to showcase my creative endeavors. The Portfolio page is where my on-the-job creative projects live, this Blog is where I’m collecting examples of non-work creative efforts. Both are for fun 🙂 I’m hoping this will help inspire myself and others to try new, creative activities.

In honor of this first post, I decided to include a charcoal drawing I did in high school that basically got me into the National Art Honor Society and helped me realize creating art could be bigger than just a hobby. Thanks for visiting and let’s see where this goes!