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Bragging Rights

Category : Blog, Sewing October 29, 2014

Bragging Rights Jersey

Recently, my husband and I held the titles of, “Man and Maid of Honor,” for my sister-in-law’s wedding. This was an honor and we were touched to be able to play such an important role in the big event. We were also a bit intimidated that we would have to give a toast in front of 200 hungry guests who just wanted to hear something short and sweet so they could get to work on their salads.

I’ve been to many weddings and was even a banquet server so I’ve witnessed many toasts, always taking mental notes on what worked and what could have worked better. During a friend’s wedding several years ago, I saw a great gift idea that I knew I’d recreate if the right situation came up—it finally did! The original couple and my in-laws were both partners who attended rival universities. The original couple is a University of Michigan/Ohio State match while my in-laws are a University of Illinois/University of Missouri pairing.

Bragging Rights Jersey BackThe original toast was centered around compromise in marriage and the gift was a toddler’s jersey that merged the two teams. During our toast, my husband and I talked about a few topics that led into compromise. To make this even more cohesive, we mentioned the couple’s first date was at the U of I vs. Mizzou Bragging Rights game. At the end, we presented the “Compromise Jersey” to my sister-in-law and her new husband. I am proud to have sewn the jersey together as I don’t typically sew anything. This may be the beginning of a new creative outlet for me!