Jane Swearingin—Creative Problem Solver

My brain is pretty much left/right balanced—I took a Facebook test, those things don’t lie. That influences my overall ability to view things from both creative and analytical perspectives. This allows me to get a thorough analysis of the audience I’m communicating with, then find smart and unexpected ways to reach them.

I’m likely to be considered as one of the most organized artists and/or one of the most imaginative business-minded persons out there. In either case, I pride myself in being a determined, hardworking, and honest employee.

I enjoy working in mass communications and have had experience across a few platforms: from media planning and reporting, to conceptualizing and developing multimedia ad campaigns, to developing PSAs and educational tools for government programs and not-for-profit organizations.

My Goals

Throughout all of my work, and in my life, my goals have always been to inspire creativity in myself and others and to have a positive impact on society and the Earth.

My Strengths

I get satisfaction out of helping clients find solutions, determine who to communicate the solution with and how it will be shared, and create the physical presentation of that solution and messaging. I also enjoy seeing what sort of impact the work had when possible.

Those tasks are like putting together a puzzle for me. I love sorting out the details, then piecing everything together to create a cohesive, creative, final product.

My Specialties

  • Advertising and Brand Development (experience working creatively across traditional, digital, and other non-traditional media)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Microsoft Office (I can work a Pivot Table)
  • Developer Friendly (able to work with developers/programmers to bring digital ideas to life in any language)
  • Idea Designer (able to bring ideas to life via art)
  • Eternal Optimist (able to find the humor in any situation)